Sally Gustafson is passionate about tea in strategies that make great sense to a fellow perfectionist like myself. More than the years at Chez Panisse, I’ve trekked extended distances to procure the finest lettuces, for instance, or the seeds to develop them it the ideal lettuces couldn’t be identified. I’ve nurtured fantasies concerning the finest method to food and service, and tried to teach my coworkers to share my objectives.
I Men’s approach to tea and tea service is basically precisely the same: dogged, relentless, tireless, and enthusiastic. Ever because the day, years ago, when she recommended that the Darjeeling we were serving was inauthentic and inferior, we’ve depended upon I lelen to educate us and keep us in line. My personal tea information was limited ahead of I lelen arrived in 1985. I’d learned to like tea inside a bowl for breakfast as a student in Prance, and it was there that 1 very first had fresh herbs brewed for a tisane immediately after dinner. But below Helen’s tutelage, I-along with mv staff-discovered the varied pleasures of green tea, too because the correct procedures for brewing all types of other teas we’d under no circumstances heard of or attempted.
Just place, I lelen badgered us into taking the identical care with tea that we did with every thing else we served at Chez Panisse. She gave us the practical tools with which to complete it, and her passion for tea was contagious. Along the way, a w hole generation of diners learned with us.
We’ve got Helen to thank for the gorgeous Japanese iron teapots we use at the restaurant, and for the elegant, eclectic list of all-organic, pure-leaf teas we give.
most current hook provides sensible guidance to both the tea novice along with the skilled tea drinker. It can be filled with fascinating tea lore and Helen’s irrepressible spirit, guiding you to produce the correct choices though demystifying the secrets of green tea. I hope you get pleasure from it as substantially as I’ve.